• What makes EOTECH sights different than red dots?
    EOTECH sights are holographic sights, which means they use a series of lasers and mirrors to send a sight reticle back to the user, without using the front glass. A red dot bounces the reticle off the front glass which is then emitted back toward your eyes.
  • Why are EOTECH optics so expensive?
    EOTECH optics are widely considered the most durable optics made. They have longstanding contracts with both military and law enforcement. Aside from durability and longevity, their quality control is considered high enough to be used by elite military special operation groups.
  • Does EOTECH offer manified sights?
    Yes, and no. VUDU scopes are made by EOTECH and are magnified, but in order to see a magnified image in a red dot, an additional magnifier would also have to be used. EOTECH makes these as well.
  • What difference would I notice in a red dot and EOTECH optic?
    EOTECH optics have unlimited eye relief that is adjustable to various weapon platforms. There is also no reticle "washout" in bright considitions because EOTECH sights are holographic, not traditional red dots.
  • Can EOTECH optics be used with night vision?
    Yes. EOTECH optics offer a switch to turn on night vision mode on and off.