Outlaw Revolver Replica with Stand
  • Outlaw Revolver Replica with Stand

Outlaw Revolver Replica with Stand


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  • Elegant reproduction of a Navy revolver
  • Constructed of steel with an ornate barrel
  • Functional hammer design
  • Includes display stand
  • Non-firing reproduction
  • Overall length: 13"

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This unique, elegant non-firing replica is a historically faithful reproduction of the iconic Western-style Navy .36 caliber revolver. It features a functional hammer design that can be locked back and released by the trigger and is crafted from rugged steel accented with ornate floral relief patterns. This is an incredible piece for collections or just showing off in your home or office, especially when set in the handsome included display stand. Complete your historical firearms collection today with the Outlaw Revolver Replica!

15 BK1865

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Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.15 out of 5
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Customer Reviews

Jul 27, 2017
(5 out of 5)
Very nice

Its smaller than i expected but it looks really great


Terry Hallett
Mar 13, 2016
(4 out of 5)
Good Value.

I ordered two of these pistols and am happy I did. Although I wish the cylinder would turn as a real pistol would,overall I'm pleased.


Dec 12, 2014
(5 out of 5)

So i've always wanted a replica "colt" from the tv show supernatural. And for this price this is the perfect one to do this project to.


Dec 02, 2014
(5 out of 5)
Great piece

Very nice display piece. Admittedly the stand looks cheesy. Easy fix, can of flat black spray paint.


Paulo D
Nov 14, 2014
(4 out of 5)
Eye candy at a modest price!

It is a great piece for what one pays for. It is strictly for show. The heavy weight clearly rules this out as a "toy gun." It's an eye catching piece that always strikes up nolstalgia based comments.


Ryan W
Jun 07, 2014
(3 out of 5)
Cool but disappointing

The gun is mostly metal, looks cool, and is nice and heavy. cons: cylinder turns by hand hammer strike is weak trigger is weak I've had the gun for two days and one of the grips has already broken and I have no idea how to replace it.


Mike B
Feb 19, 2014
(4 out of 5)
"Cheap" is not a bad word

I bought this for a costume I'm working on. Look, it's a $25 replica so you're not going to be putting this under glass. It's meant to be held and played with, for lack of a better term. The holder is a glossy black plastic with two faux ivory holders for the gun. It's really nice and eye catching across a room. Weight is good, I was able to do some handling tricks/spins with ease. The handle is plastic made to look like eurethaned wood, but again, you don't really notice until up close. At the end of the day, this is a great gift for someone's mancave or for a wild west kid, or as I stated, a costume. If you're looking at this as, say, a decoration for a restaurant or home office, it's a great discount item. My only concerns/disappointments are that the only moving parts are the trigger, hammer, and the barrel only rotates i.e. you can't simluate "reloading". Also, the MADE IN CHINA label is a bit noticeable when in hand, but you can file it off. Or buy American. So to sum up, if you want a cheap display piece, or a replica you intend to handle, this is it. Not a toy for small children, but the 12 & up age will enjoy it as a decoration they can handle and admire while respecting our firearm heritage.


Antonio P.
Jul 10, 2013
(4 out of 5)
Cool Replica

Love the construction is this replica. The only two things I'm not loving is the stand and the cylinder won't turn as you pull the trigger. But overall, this is a must have for every gun replica collector.


Bill Hocks
May 29, 2013
(4 out of 5)

This is the first replica I have in guns. I bought a display case from Joanne's and it fits perfectly. Too much plastic and the white plastic stand is offensive to the eye for a perfect display. I suppose I could paint the white plastic black to make it look like metal. I have a collection of knives and swords but we opted to display this on our mantle in the living room instead of with those collections.


Mar 08, 2013
(4 out of 5)

Looks great displayed with my "DUKE" collection...


Feb 20, 2013
(4 out of 5)
Feels like a real pistol

I bought this to use for a commercial im shooting. The weight is right on, anyone who holds it will feel like a cowboy. The barrel spins but not fast, the hammer cocks and then comes down when you pull the trigger. It looks like a unique/authentic piece. It's on my stand in my room and everyone who see's it feels the urge to pick it up. The only bad thing about it is that some of the paint on top is a coming off, and it seems like if sweaty hands are on it often the color will fade other than that for costumes, one time, film, pictures, or just display. Your good, there's really no other reason to use it. It cant shoot anything, it's just nice to look at


Christian Laws
Jan 03, 2013
(4 out of 5)

a beautiful display model of the open top cimarron .36 cal model of the navy revolver. be warned the stand is pretty flimsy, being made out of plastic with wood patterned plastic handgrips on the peice as well. break very easily if dropped accidentally. the action tends to be pretty weak but fun to click. note the cylinders don't actually revolve with the action, you must turn them by hand. otherwise solid, heavy metal construction. well worth the price.


Dec 04, 2012
(4 out of 5)
Great for the price!

As far as perfect replicas go...no this is not perfect. The handle is made out of plastic and the barrel doesn't spin but for a decoration that someone doesnt pick up or for a cowboy toy for a kid it looks great. For the price this is a great deal, if you want perfection get something else.


Richard Garcia
Oct 06, 2012
(5 out of 5)

Very nice detail. And the hammer that cocks back and strikes to the trigger pull is a nice touch. Only complaint Id have is the 'made in china' and production copywrite logo. But worth the price. Thank you


May 12, 2012
(5 out of 5)
Good one!!!

This is a great replica


iron head
Apr 20, 2012
(2 out of 5)

It is more of a toy than a replica. Its not even made in the U.S. There are plenty of good things I bought from Budk but this gun is pathetic. It is made with some plastic parts and screws that don't match the gun. The handle is smaller than it should be and the gun has no weight at all. Best part of all the MADE IN CHINA engraved in the side, right above the trigger. The designs are very cool though and the hammer pulls back.


Kevin G
Mar 28, 2012
(4 out of 5)
1851 Black Powder Outlaw

Overall a good display piece. Nice heavy construction, only wish that the grips weren't plastic. But other than that, great value for price.


ron holloway
Mar 13, 2012
(5 out of 5)
1851 revolver

I got two of these revolvers there a fine piece of art. I have them hanging on the wall along with a shotgun. Thank you BUDK.


Feb 23, 2012
(4 out of 5)
1851 Black Powder Outlaw

This is not a bad replica at all. My only complaint is that the grips are plastic, but for the price you really can't beat it. It will absolutely serve my purpose. If you're looking for a nice looking replica pistol for re-enactments, cosplay or just plain display you will get a nice deal.


Feb 02, 2012
(4 out of 5)
1851 Black Powder Outlaw Revolver Replica & Stand review

This is my first purchase from BUDK, it arrived way earlier than I expected, and the Piece itself looks great. I didn't receive the white parts for the display stand, but overall I'm impressed. Looking forward to many more orders from BUDK.


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Outlaw Revolver Replica with Stand
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